Anonymous asked: I've been trying to find this video of Sen from a while back. He basically narrates the entire clip where he talks about his experiences, views, and modeling in general. Most of the scenes had him in it - on shoots, walking, etc. Do you know what I'm talking about/know where to find the vid?

no, sorry! I think I’ve seen some stills on tumblr, but I haven’t tried tracking it down. does anyone know anything?

Anonymous asked: Is he still together with Ikumi?


sneakpeakingtheworld asked: does sen have other tattoo aside from the neck one? if yes , is there a photo :D

yes, on his arms.

Anonymous asked: is sen full japanese?

he’s half



Dear Everyone,

i do not have an instagram, someone i don’t know is using my name.

please scorn them 

you heard the man. scorn them.

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